Sunday, 18 January 2009


Just been to the excellent 'Taking Liberties' exhibition at the British Library. In a time when many feel that our freedoms and liberties are being more and more curtailed by the state, it is useful to be reminded how the struggle to achieve the liberties we take for granted have had to be fought for and the sacrifices that were made to achieve them.

Perhaps we take our freedoms and liberties too much for granted and are too easy to allow the state to take away from us many of these freedoms and liberties under the guise of protecting us from the evils and dangers that society presents us.

The more freedoms and liberties we have the more difficult it is for the state to control us. Even in parliament, the 3 line whip is the means for the government of the day to remove the freedom of MPs to vote as they would wish.

We should not allow any government to constrain our freedoms and liberties without overwhelming justification. Loosing our freedom is much easier than going it back when it is lost. Just visit the exhibition at the British Library to be reminded of this.

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